Welcome to the Plymouth Plastic Free Directory

A place to celebrate being plastic free

The Plymouth Plastic Free Directory is a new initiative aimed at providing a comprehensive listing of businesses, organisations and communities who have made efforts to reduce their plastic use.

Currently, the Plastic Free Directory is still being created ready for launch in 2023. In the meantime we want to hear from everyone in Plymouth who is doing their bit to reduce plastic use, contributing to the vision of being a plastic free city.

We’ll also be using this platform to talk about the work of Plymouth’s citywide partnership and show off the organisations that have embraced a Plastic Free culture.

Who is it for?

The Plymouth Plastic Free Directory is aimed at all organisations and individuals who are actively reducing their plastic use, particularly single use plastics. Here are some examples.


Has your business changed its policies to embrace a plastic free culture, or do you do work in the community to reduce plastic use?


We want to hear from schools, colleges and universities about the work you are doing to reduce plastic use.


Are you a community-based organisation,
a CIC or charity? We'd like to know about your impact and the work you're doing.

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About you

Your plastic free activity

The Plastic Free Charter

Who we are

The Plymouth Plastic Free Directory is part of the Plymouth Plan for Plastics – the Plymouth City Council initiative that drives the Plastic Free Plymouth mission.

We bring together organisations across Plymouth to work together to tackle the issue of single use plastics and plastic pollution.

We are only too aware of the effects of plastic pollution and want to do all we can to reduce the amount of waste and the devastating effect it can have on our environment. 

You can read more about the Plymouth Plan For Plastics – including the work of the Plastic Free Taskforce and the Plastics Code of Conduct by clicking below.

Plymouth is committed to:

Reducing Plymouth’s reliance on plastic – to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle; switching to alternatives wherever possible. This is our fundamental belief.

Tackling the plastic waste that is already in our environment – limiting its impact and creating a better world for our communities, our wildlife and our city.

Plymouth will achieve this by delivering our Plan for Plastics. We’re encouraging businesses and community groups from across the city to lead the way.

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