Veg Box Fresh


Our Plastic Free culture

Veg Box Fresh will do their utmost to hardly ever deliver anything that comes wrapped in plastic.

Feedback from customers has always been that plastic seems so unnecessary in food packaging – and the team agrees. Mostly they use brown paper bags to keep all your produce together in your box. And they try to reuse these wherever possible.

The key to cutting back on waste is to buy in bulk. Veg Box Fresh is part of a company which supplies many schools and businesses with fruit and veg. So they try to buy in bulk from local farmers to cut down on the amount of packaging.

They also use TerraCycle which, in turn, cuts down on waste.

About our business

Veg Box Fresh is a team of like-minded people based in Saltash, Cornwall, committed supporting local growers across Devon and Cornwall, delivering free to your door across the greater Plymouth area.

The concept is simple: Pick what fresh fruit and veg you want on the easy-to-use website and they’ll deliver it for free.

All fruit and veg is sourced as sustainably as possible – through their network of farming families in Devon and Cornwall whenever they can.

Key information