The Upcycled Home Co

Mount Edgcumbe

Our Plastic Free culture

The Upcycled Home Co’s ethos is firmly rooted in upcycling, reusing and ensuring the sustainability of all of its products on offer.

They support artisan makers who make products using recycled materials, and provide a unique shopping experience for customers.

As part of their commitment to reducing plastic use, The Upcycled Home Co uses recycled packaging, no single-use plastics and recycled plastic goods.

About our business

In April 2014, The Upcycled Home Co was one of the first small businesses to set up within the newly formed ‘Barrow Centre’.

This ‘lifestyle’ store offers customers a carefully curated, bespoke collection of local, British made and Global Fair Trade Artisan creations.

The core of the business is – and always will – be the incredibly talented makers, ensuring they are valued for their skills.

I knew I had a challenge ahead to change opinions on mass produced, cheap items and consumers take on “upcycling” and the values of “artisan made crafts”. Our beautiful planet was suffering and we were in danger of losing skills that had been handed down, generation to generation.

Thankfully the tide, as it always does, slowly changed.  Now words like  ‘Eco Friendly’, ‘Artisan’, ‘Sustainable’ and ‘Recycled’ are the norm and I’m proud to be a small part of that shift in attitude.

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