Shallow Ford Flowers


Our Plastic Free culture

Shallow Ford Flowers never wraps its flowers in plastic or use floral foam.

Owner Lucy Parker makes sure that when she does buy plastic products (seed trays/pots/buckets), they are of a high quality and that she is able to use them over and over again.

Lucy reuses plant labels, and cuts new ones out of plastic milk containers. She is always looking out for ways to cut down on plastic use or new ways to reuse plastic items.

About our business

Shallow Ford Flowers is a boutique flower farm based in Plymouth providing beautiful, seasonal, scented flowers for weddings, bouquets and local craft markets.

Lucy Parker’s fresh flower season runs from March to October, and out of season she also sells dried flowers.

Her flowers are grown without the use of peat, pesticides or herbicides, following organic and ‘No Dig’ practices.

Key information