Plymouth High School for Girls

North Hill

Our Plastic Free culture

Plymouth High School for Girls (PHS) is driven by a commitment to create a positive environment where everyone feels valued for who they are.

As part of their sustainability journey, in 2021 PHS students created the Earth Alliance Group – a climate awareness group to make the school and city more environmentally friendly.

The group has many aims, not only on a school level but on a much wider scale throughout the academy, and it is hoped this scheme will influence other schools and the local community to go more green as well.

Some of the goals include: 

  • Producing a video about what the environment means to PHS students
  • Having a city-wide litter pick day in town
  • Getting double glazed windows in some areas of the school
  • Writing articles for the school website
  • Starting a composting scheme around school

About our School

Plymouth High School for Girls is a long-established and highly popular city selective school.

Students and staff are ambitious and enthusiastic; students enjoy their learning and treat each other with kindness and compassion.

At Plymouth High, staff aim to create the kind of environment that allows for personal development, happiness and academic achievement to go hand in hand.

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