One Percent Club


Our Plastic Free culture

The One Percent Club have identified areas in which they can reduce their use of plastic by far more than 1%. The steps they have taken include:

  • Replacing plastic packaging with compostable materials
  • Swapping single-use plastic bottles in the office for reusable stainless steel
  • Implementing “plastic-free Friday”
  • Proudly displaying their plastic-free credentials, and encouraging customers, partners and suppliers to do the same

About our business

The One Percent Club is a community of ambitious, lifestyle business owners, committed to improving their businesses by 1% each week.

Through online coaching calls and a Netflix-style library of Masterclasses, covering topics such as SEO, pricing, email marketing, copywriting and content marketing, the One Percent Club will inspire you to find a plethora of 1% improvements in your business.

You’ll be supported by the One Percent community to not only leave your business 1% better each week – but your lifestyle (and the planet), too!

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