Odyssey Innovation


Our Plastic Free culture

Odyssey Innovation is the brainchild of Rob Thompson, who is actively helping people to clean up our oceans.

The organisation has been pioneering new solutions to prevent further ocean plastic pollution by offering support to the fishing community, beach clean groups, governmental bodies and eco-warriors alike through various free sustainable incentives. These include:

  • The Net Regeneration Scheme – a multi-award-winning Net Regeneration Scheme which is the only net recycling service in the UK and has seen more than 200,000 kilograms of end-of-life nets recovered and recycled back into the circular economy.
  • The Marine Regeneration Scheme – which offers free recycling support to marine conservation charities, beach clean groups, marinas, councils, divers, watersports hire outlets amongst others.

The team has even created the world’s first marine recycled plastic kayak – a multi-award-winning 100% circular economy product!

About our organisation

Odyssey Innovation was born from a passion to rid the seas of plastic pollution.

In 2014 founder Rob Thompson established a volunteer group of divers to retrieve marine plastic and ghost gear.

Rob had the honour of meeting His Royal Highness, Prince Charles during an Ocean Plastics event. Here he signed a pledge to explore ways of developing a circular economy around marine plastic. Taking this responsibility seriously, he embarked on a marine plastic Odyssey.

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