Our Plastic Free culture

Individually, Antonia Antoniou has been actively choosing products with little to no plastic packaging, as well as products that contain natural ingredients for alternatives to plastic-based products.

Nia’s lifestyle choices allow her daily tools to be all organic and friendly to all aspects of conservation, whether marine or terrestrial.

In the future, she wishes to visit schools to educate at the source for our next generation to make sure our wildlife and human life can be preserved and kept clean for everybody. Species being affected by plastic pollution are depending on everybody’s choices for the better.

About our business

Antonia Antoniou is a second-year student at the University of Plymouth who aims to raise awareness to the community through educative conversations and projects.

Antonia’s assessed EPQ alongside her A-Levels was about micro plastics and the dangers to marine wildlife for the present and future.

She presented this project to her year cohort and encouraged lifestyle changes towards plastic usage.

Key information