GA Solicitors


Our Plastic Free culture

GA Solicitors is a law firm which operates from its two offices in Plymouth and Bath, providing specialist expert advice to businesses, families and individuals across the region and the wider UK.

The team have put a number of steps in place as part of their commitment to reducing plastic use, including:

  • Recycle bins throughout
  • Ceasing to use single-use plastic including cups and cutlery
  • Staff education area on recycling and use of plastic
  • Reducing the use of plastic wallets to store paper
  • All merchandise is now bought from environmentally friendly sources to ensure the content is bio-degradable or recyclable
  • Working towards all pens being made from recycled materials

About our business

GA Solicitors employs some of the most experienced and well-regarded lawyers in the South West.

The firm is centered around people, which is evidenced in the people they employ, the values they promote and in the support the team provides the local community.

The history of GA Solicitors dates back to 1801, providing the firm with a rich heritage, traditional values and an approach to client service which is second to none.

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