Eddystone Media


Our Plastic Free culture

Eddystone Media are are co-founders of One Plymouth and have worked on helping raise awareness of single-use plastics and encouraging conversations around this.

In 2018 they launched a scheme via One Plymouth to help, although this paused during the events of 2020.

In a bid to reduce plastic use, Eddystone Media has taken the following steps: 

  • Cutlery – office team uses no plastic cutlery which is offered by the Business Centre cafe (eliminated plastic cutlery)
  • Each team member has been issued with a reusable bag, cup and bottle (eliminated single-use carrier bags, cups and bottles)
  • Replaced all bin bags with fully compostable versions (eliminated all bin bags non plastic)
  • Each team member has a ‘reusable notebook’ fully wipeable and reusable for note-taking

About our business

Eddystone Media specialises in building digital communities, supporting businesses, organisations and events to thrive online.

We offer a range of digital support services including website design, marketing and social media management.

We create personalised packages tailored to businesses needs working with reputable reliable local freelancers and agencies. This gives us flexibility to adapt to the size of each project, given time-frames and keeps our prices very competitive.

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