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Our Plastic Free culture

Dartmoor Zoo only uses recyclable and compostable products in its restaurant for drinks and takeways, and separates all food and consumables waste into recyclable bins.

Every year, the team collects thousands of empty plastic tubs from the general public as part of a regional initiative with Devon Contract Waste who recycle the tubs into garden furniture – a percentage of each item sold is donated to support local charities.

More than 40 businesses have participated locally by having a plastics collection bin on their site which has encouraged staff to increase their recycling of plastics.

The general public have really engaged with this project by dropping off hundreds of plastic tubs and containers to the zoo to go for recycling.

Products in the Dartmoor Zoo Gift Shop are sourced ethically and souvenirs are made from recycled materials.

About our business

Dartmoor Zoo is a conservation and wildlife charity whose mission is Helping People Helping Wildlife.

The team protects some of the world’s most endangered species and educates people on how to take more care of our planet for future generations.

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