Becky Crawford, Spacefruit


Our Plastic Free culture

Becky Crawford is an artist and maker who creates wonderful artworks in Devon which are delivered across the world.

As part of her mission to reduce plastic use, Becky uses recycled plastic in her mobiles and jewellery, and uses only recycled plastic in any packaging (e.g. bubblewrap).

About Becky

Becky Crawford lives in South Devon with her green furniture maker husband, her young bouncy daughter and their crazy fiery ginger tabby cat.

Her favourite things to do are swim in the sea, smell flowers and imagine herself being small and getting down to looking at tiny beetles, ants and caterpillars.

Becky makes mixed media artworks mostly in wire combined with recycled plastic which she often finds on her local beaches, along with painted paper elements. She also loves making jewellery and mobiles from recycled plastic bottles.

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