The Barbican

Our Plastic Free culture

Aquanauts in Plymouth are proud ambassadors of the ocean and know just how crucial it is that those who work in the dive industry care for the marine environment.

That’s why, as part of their commitment to sustainability, the team have joined the city’s first Green Tourism programme and have already taken a number of important steps, including:

  • Reusing packaging from deliveries
  • Choosing suppliers who prioritise the environment
  • Implementing a wetsuit recycling scheme

It’s not just underwater that Aquanauts is committed to making a difference. The team has carried out an environmental impact assessment on themselves as a business and taken measures to reduce that impact wherever possible.

From switching to green products and energy, recycling, reusing paper and cardboard for packaging materials to streamlining business processes and taking as much online as possible to reduce unnecessary paperwork and waste. 

About our business

Aquanauts is Plymouth’s largest, and busiest dive centre. Operating year round, six days per week, the team teaches all dive courses from Open Water to Technical Instructor and beyond.

They charter boats and can supply most brands of diving equipment including Apeks, Aqua Lung, Scubapro, Suunto, Shearwater, Halcyon, XDEEP, Typhoon amongst many others via their online shop or from their waterfront store next to Sutton Harbour.

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